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Kingstreet Brewery

Our Current Offerings - Tuesday, July 16, 2024

King Street American Pale Ale - 5.5% ABV
Light pleasant citrus aromatics give way to a clean mid-sip bitterness that smoothly transitions into a juicy stone fruit finish.

King Street Blonde Ale – 4.9%
Biscuit and light fruity aromatics and flavors intermingle in this malty temptress. Clean hops balance and support a medium bodied finish.

King Street Hefeweizen –5.7%
Premium German wheat and Pilsner malts burst with flavor and perfectly compliment the rich clove and banana aromas in this authentic German Wheat Beer. Unfiltered and perfect for any occasion.

King Street IPA– 5.9%
Enticing tangerine and passion fruit aromas introduce orange, grapefruit, floral and spicy flavors that come in waves. This beer's clean finish leaves you craving for another.

King Street Oktoberfest - 5.4%
King Street’s Oktoberfest lager is dark gold to light orange in color, and its rich malty aroma entices you to take a sip. Medium bodied, slightly toasty, and a complex upfront Vienna and Munich malt sweetness give way to a clean crisp finish that begs to be followed.

King Street Pilsner– 5.5%
King Street has crafted this Pilsner in the Czech tradition with a delicate hop aroma that is supported by a dry malt backbone and finishes with a clean hop balance…absolutely clear and beautiful.

King Street Stout– 4.9%
This is a modern take on an Irish classic. Incredibly flavorful, King Street Stout will flood your taste buds with wonderful flavors of roasted grain, chocolate and a hint of coffee without weighing you down. We serve samples and pints on nitrogen to enhance the creamy texture.

Seasonal(s) - Ask Your Server
These limited run ales and lagers are brewed using specially ordered malts, hops and yeast carefully selected to support the brewers’ vision and satisfy the discerning palate.

Beer of the Month


King Street's Helles Golden Lager returns! You may remember this exceptional lager from last year...with its pleasant aroma that tempts the palate before gracefully giving way to the wholesome sweetness of authentic German malt. This easy-drinking light-bodied German Helles style lager has a clean and refreshing finish, and is perfect for keeping a smile on your face on these long Alaskan summer days!
Helles Golden Lager, 5.0% ABV
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